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Overcoming intercultural challenges is worth it!

My family and I moved to the Philippines in 2017. My Filipino wife, a dentist with her own practice, with local and international clients, who lived with me in Switzerland for many years, gave me my first detailed insight into this wonderful, complex Filipino culture. Due to our diverse experiences in various areas and after relevant studies at INSEAD in France as part of my Executive Masters (“EMCCC/EMC”), as well as a result of my coaching work, I believe it is important to first gain a deeper understanding of Filipino culture and the most important differences compared to our own culture before we can create an effective and successful intercultural environment. For example, do you know how important food and raffles are for many Filipinos as a motivating factor, sometimes even indirectly in a professional environment?

Yes, this intercultural knowledge and understanding must first be built up before an effective, appreciative, and motivating environment can be created for everyone involved!

From a holistic perspective, different cultures can be viewed like different languages, but much more complex, including our history, mind, and heart. After initial, sometimes great personal challenges, I now find the intercultural cooperation in the Philippines, which I value very much, to be mostly pleasant and fruitful. Therefore, I look forward to combining the Filipinos' high level of hospitality and “their pleasant more indirect way of communicating” with optimized results-oriented effectiveness incorporating different cultural perspectives. I also look forward to learning more every day in this exciting and rewarding field.

Let's share our intercultural experiences and knowledge with each other in a fruitful way!

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