coaching based on our flowbe7 principles

optimize your resilience and diversity skills

One central aspect within our flowbe7 principles (e.g. flowbe@method) is resilience. Resilience is strengthened by promoting and protecting key-factors and underlying processes which are interwoven in connected complex and dynamic systems. Central is for example affiliation which means a strong emotional connection and identification to your close social circle which is also key during a pandemic. We will strengthen you in focusing on other main-factors which support your resilience. In this way you strengthen yourself during significant challenges like pandemics and transformations. We also focus with you on how to use impactfully collective wisdom of diverse groups and organizations as an asset for outperformance.

Lächelnde Kollegin

optimise your leadership

Learn to optimize your own leadership-flow connected with your purposes and meaning in life. Step on your balcony and reflect in a broader and focused way about your inner and outer world. Optimize your impact with regards to yourself and your resources. We coach you how to stimuli your brain in line with your aims in using the functionality of humans' brain effectively and show you how to relax well even during stressful times. Learn how to use personal challenges as opportunities for growth and learnings. Feel, think, act consequently, flexible and strongly as a bamboo in line with your values and your responsibilities.

optimize your impact on your environment

Get a better understanding about your environment, roles, relationships and interactions in using for example knowledge from systemic approach. Learn how to perceive people's needs and wishes better in your environment. Optimize your integrative impact regarding your environment. Reflect about how to develop your environment in a reasonable way together with your stake holders. Learn how to use challenges in your environment as opportunities for growth and learnings. Use inclusion and diversity as an asset to enhance social and economic benefits and motivations of people.