The flowbe@method includes different scientific knowledge and techniques

In 2004/05 Markus P. Erb developed the flowbe@method together with a renowned Swiss brain researcher, medical professor and medical clinic director of a major Swiss medical clinic group who is specialist in neurology and rehabilitation focusing first on ways to cope better with human’s information overload in using the functionality of human's brain more effectively. Over time the method was developed further. In this context it is crucial that clients learn how to stimuli their brain as a filter instrument in way that supports their achievements of goals. Often, human brains are used in a in-consequent or even harming way based on a lack of knowledge or/and sensitivity.

With our scientifically founded flowbe@method we also include knowledge and techniques from resilience (main-factors supporting resilience), performance sport (focus, consequence and trainings), positive psychology (positive brain-stimuli), cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive & emotional assessment, adjustments and training of changed behavior) and meditation (reaching status of "flowbe" in using primarily the medical self-hypnosis technique). In addition, we use principles from systemic approach (analyzing, understanding human beings roles, functions, responsibilities, relationships and interactions in relevant systems) and, if wished, open minded aspects based on spiritual coaching (approaches partially represented by Erhard Freitag/Dr. Joseph Murphy).


More details we will show you directly in our coaching sessions where we install together with our clients individual processes which suits them effectively in line with their situations, needs, wishes respectively aims. We represent an optimistic realistic approach, since we understand that such developments are done in processes of reflections, actions, practicing, experiencing, assessments, adjustments. Furthermore, we know that lasting improvements manifest over time.


We are convinced that with our flowbe@method and our personal resources (passion, skills, experiences & network) we have found a highly effective and flexible method which bears a great potential for humans and leaders to strengthen their leadership skills and resilience on an individual level as well as on a team level in an excellent way.

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