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DMD Shiela ERB - Soneja and Attorney & Coach Markus P. ERB - Soneja



In the center of our passion stays the next steps which you create successfully!

Markus P. Erb: Attorney & Executive Coach (EMCCC/EMC - INSEAD)


In the Philippines, in addition to leadership and resilience-specific aspects, we also want to pass on our experiences and know-how in connection with intercultural interactions between the Filipino and foreign cultures in the working environment.

​Markus P. Erb is an experienced lawyer and coach for leadership, resilience and (intercultural) inclusivity. In addition to his work as an executive coach for managers and smaller organizations, he works part-time as a partner in a medium-sized Swiss law firm ( He previously held various senior positions, primarily in the financial sector, e.g. Julius Baer, ​​Swisscanto (ExCo Member & General Counsel). He also worked as a lecturer and expert at various financial institutions and associations in Switzerland and was a founding board member of the Swiss Association for Compliance and Competition Law “ACCL”. Furthermore, he also worked as a trainer in youth competitive sports in sprint-athletics until the early 1990s. Markus completed his training as a certified spiritual trainer in 2005 with Erhard Freitag (Dr. Joseph Murphy). Coaching activities, mediation and intercultural optimization (based on his intercultural background) have been a great passion of Markus for almost his entire life.

​As part of his training in France at INSEAD in 2016/2018, where he completed an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC/EMC -  with a focus on clinical human and organizational psychology), he decided to share his experience and knowledge with others to make it directly accessible to people and organizations. Before the strict pandemic restrictions in the Philippines in 2018/2019, Markus was a group coach in the “Senior Leadership Program” at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in Dublin, Ireland, which was carried out in collaboration with Virginia University, Darden School of Business, Washington, USA.


Shiela Erb - Soneja, DMD, dental clinic owner, (in-depth expertise on Filipino culture) 


DMD Shiela Erb Soneja worked as a dentist in the Philippines until 2008. From 2008 to 2017, she lived in Switzerland. During this time, she studied at the Swiss University Dental School in Zurich. Shiela also completed her two-year Master's degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry with the British Dental Association in Dubai.

Shiela was deeply connected to the people and culture in Switzerland. She has an in-depth understanding of the differences between Filipino, Swiss and other cultures.

Shiela opened her successful dental clinic in the Philippines (flowbe7 Swiss aesthetic dentistry) in 2018. In her daily work as a dentist in her clinic, Shiela looks after many Filipino and foreign customers and at the same time gets a good insight into different cultures. In this context, Shiela experiences various opportunities in her daily activities to optimize intercultural interaction with her clients on a personal, procedural and professional level.

We have a closer collaboration with Kristina Fluegel (Kristina Flügel), member of the Supervisory Board of Triodos Bank and former managing director and long-standing senior HR manager of the DB Group, who, among other things, worked as Global Head HR of the DWS Group.

In 2016/2018 she completed an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC/EMC – focus on clinical human and organizational psychology) at INSEAD. She is an experienced executive coach and facilitator.

Our team also brings in excellent coaches, consultants and other experts from a broad network. To find out more about our services, contact us directly (German description directly via Contact).

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